www.indiaplyweb.com is a portal, which has been  created experienced Timber industry stalwarts, who have been in this fields more than 70 years,  for the global Timber & ply companies interested in India Market. We conducted an in-depth study of ply and wood industry to ascertain the possibility of utilizing the internet for better functioning of the industry by using the best technology to provides seamless information and  a huge trading platform. 

 We offer….

The site was designed keeping on mind  the basic and expanding needs of the Timber and wood industry who cater to the Indian market or are interested in doing so. This site with provide you with all the information's you ever wanted  on the wood industry in India. It will be great boom for those associated with industries like logging, Timber & wood, plywood, MDF , Veneers, Furniture etc. 

Why we?

Utilising the very latest in Internet technologies, www.Indiaplyweb.com offers features that will seamlessly integrate offline and online functioning of your business. These features include:

Industry News: www.Indiaplyweb.com will bring you the latest news in the Timber   & Plywood industry, ranging   from new technology, market news and latest developments.

  Free listing of companies directly and indirectly associated with the industry& catering to the India market.

  A search facility for buyers looking for information related to the industry.

Search for buyers and sellers for different requirements and a trading zone for buying and selling online.

One of the main attractions of this portal will be its Online Trading Facility to be launched in a phased manner, the initial feature set will allow offers and bids to be processed online, terminating at intent to buy or sell situation. The site will offer service up to financial closure of an online transaction.


Indiaplyweb is offering you free registrations for the time, which will allow you to use all the features of this portal. We are in the process of acquiring quality certification from both ISO  and SEI CMM standards.

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