Higher Quality Sourcing and Better Prices

enables you to identify, evaluate and select suppliers from a single location on the internet. It introduces you to new supply sources from around the world who are interested in catering to the Indian market. It also lets you participate in aggregate buying and helps you develop and distribute requests for proposals, quotes and information.

More efficient operations

We bring speed and efficiency into your procurement operations, helping you significantly reduce administrative costs. The system automates manual tasks associated with ordering from catalogues, negotiating with suppliers and creating RFQ. By integrating with your existing enterprise systems, we minimize the time needed for less valuable activities thereby enabling staffs across your organization to focus on projects of greater strategic importance.

Greater cost control

We provide greater availability of products, price updates and suppliers thereby leading to more effective negotiations and purchasing activities. Further, we help you to manage financing and logistics around the basic online transaction more effectively with fulfilment services thereby leading to reduced costs at each stage of your value chain and hence, helping to reduce the total cost of ownership.