MEMBERSHIP SERVICES

Registration to our site is free. Members are divided into two categories: PAID and FREE. The paid members have some advantages over the free members.

       Paid members can browse and have access to the details of both the paid and unpaid members.

       To be registered as a paid member, the registration fee is US$ 100 per annum. On registering for two years with the registration fee of US$ 190, registration for the third year is US$ 250.

       A paid member can display all his details in the directory listing. Details like URL, e-mail address and fax along with the name, phone number and address will be viewed by all registered members.

       All registered members regardless of being a paid or an unpaid member, can view the profile of a paid member.
       A paid member can e-mail us their press releases which we can put up in our press release section.

       A paid member will also be mailed news and other updated information by indiaplyweb.com

       Indiaplyweb.com provides an online platform for paid members comprising of buyers, suppliers and service providers in the timber industry to come together to conduct business in the Indian market in new ways. This platform not only facilitates transactions, but also the development of collaborations and knowledge-sharing among our members.

       A paid member, if involved in the manufacturing of machineries or timber and wood products, can e-mail us the detailed information of the machines or products along with pictures which we can put up in our TIMBER TECHNOLOGY section.