Indiaplyweb.com is an internet B2B portal dedicated to timber and timber-related industries. It proposes to give information on a series of technologically advanced machines that cut production times and cost of production, and increase productivity. It also gives seamless information about timber and timber related products and other wood related services to its members. Premium members can meet and make timber contracts, improve their turnover, and promote their businesses in the leading global market place.

* Premium members can browse and have access over both Premium and non-Premium members details.
* To be registered as a Premium member, the registration fee is US$ 100 Per Year.
* A Premium member can display all its details in directory listing. The details like URL, e-mail, and fax will along with
  name,phone and address will be viewed by all visitors. By this facility anyone can access complete details of your
* You can promote and expand your business globally in new emerging market
* A Premium member can access full database (e- directory) with all information including telephone no. fax, email and
  website link. He can also view full details of non Premium members or company listed in the e-directory.
* A Premium member can post offer in the trade board. Can receive the replies of all offers directly.
* A Premium member can e-mail to us their press release details to be put up in our press release section.
* A Premium member will also be mailed news and other updated information by Indiaplyweb.com
* Please note we do not accept registrations from books and publishers, exhibitors or any who deals with corporate

A Premium member can pay subscription fees i.e. US$ 100 by Credit Card. We can process Master, Visa, Amex, Discover through paypal.com


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