Maximum flexibility With Masterform Technology

Three dimensional lamination using membrane presses is getting more and more popular. Examples of products made using this technology are kitchen shutters, wardrobes shutters and furniture components. Membrane pressing is the process of laminating a vinyl film or real wood veneer on a pre­machined core of a solid substrate such as particle board or Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), under heat, pressure and vacuum in conjunction with a siliconemembrane.



While the process appears simple, it is sensitive to the parameters of production. It is common these days to use reactivating adhesives and therefore heat transfer is of paramount importance. At the same time, applying the right pressure in the presence of heat ensures good adhesion.

Friz Masterform technology, affords maximum process security and maximum flexibility in membrane pressing.

How is this achieved?

·          The Friz Membrane Press is equipped with heating plates divided into fields which are adjustable separately. This combined with heat transfer through the membrane results in uniform temperature all over the surface.

·          The machine is provided with 3 separate chambers with separate
 Pressure/vacuum control.

·       All phases of the pressing cycle like pre-heating of the membrane, pre-heating of the foil and pressing can be controlled individually from the NC control depending on the requirement.

·          The machine is always equipped with the membrane,

·          Operation without using the membrane is also possible.

·          Fast changeover from membrane pressing to membrane-less operation just by changing the program. (No need to physically remove the membrane from the press)

·          Combination of membrane pressing and membrane-less pressing in
 One cycle is also possible.

·          Possibility of choosing the optimum process - for e.g. pressing fully

Loaded tables without the membrane to save the membrane and

Using membrane only when pressing individual components.



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